I am a freelance director, writer, producer and editor - I have experience with all the latest cameras and equipment, editing with the full Adobe Creative Suite.


I can manage and deliver a film project from concept to completion, whether following a brief or offering ideas from scratch.


My background is in illustration and stills photography, producing work for record labels such as Sunday Best and Insomnia Music. I also do graphic design.


I have made films for clients including WWF, Renault, BP, Microsoft, Pepsi, Cisco & Tropicana.


Recently I made all the video content for Julian Fellowes's Belgravia, and travelled to San Francisco to make a corporate film for Cisco. I also travel extensively throughout Europe, filming case studies for Ansys.


I have experience creating marketing films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. I also record live events and cover trade shows.


I have the experience, the technical expertise and the vision to create interesting, engaging and original films for any purpose.


+44 (0)7943 080 893

H E N R Y   S T E E D M A N  /  F I L M S

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Director / Writer / Editor

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a film maker...